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Available Artwork For Your Home Or Office

View an array of artwork and styles to suit your every need from landscapes to abstract work. If you want something specific I will happily do a commissioned work of art for you.

Flower Power Pet Portraits

I invite you to work directly with me as we co-create a beautiful Flower Power Pet Portrait where each flower represents a special characteristic of your beloved pet.

Learn to Paint!

Online Courses & Mentorship Programs

Learn everything you need to know from understanding how creativity flows through you to learning the fundamentals of painting giving you a strong foundation to create art in YOUR own way!

From the tiny little studio….

Join me Monday – Friday at 10:30am as I start my day in the studio talking about art, creativity and life on this tiny Greek island.

Client Testimonials: Hear What Others Say

Discover the incredible experiences my clients have had working with me, and see why they trust me to capture their special moments and bring their visions to life.

Vida’s artwork captures the essence of the Mediterranean. Every time I look at her painting I can hear the Aegean and feel the warm sun on my skin.

Mary S.


I loved taking Vida’s Foundations Of Painting course. In a short period of time I learned how to paint beyond expectations.

Sarah T.

Budding Artist

Vida taught me how to work with my creative pathway, giving me the power to understand my creative blocks and how to break free of them whenever I choose.

Michael D.


Inspiring Artists To Connect To Their Unlimited Creativity.

I love to help others connect to their unlimited creative potential. I believe this creativity is always available to us and when we understand the pathway, from the abstract idea of a potential painting to the signing of our painting, we can create anything!

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