About Me


I was born and raised in Minneapolis where I was very active in theater and the arts.  At 15 I was accepted into the world renowned Children’s Theater where I was able to expand my artistic abilities through dance, theater and my first introduction to the lifelong practices of yoga and meditation.  At University I studied fine art and sociology. 

After extensive world travel I moved to Greece to live near my Greek family on the small island of Ammouliani.  It was my first breath of understanding that creativity is not limited to the artistic process but is in everything we do from making a decision, learning to love, washing the dishes and the unconscious act of breathing.  I met my fisherman husband and together we raised our twin daughters giving them their own creative freedom to explore themselves fully through the homeschooling/unschooling lifestyle.   


I love to expand myself and others by diving deeply inwards through the creative process.  Through staying home and raising my daughters I was able to reconnect to my own artistic self by focusing on painting the landscapes and seascapes around me. I found my first mentor, Johannes Vloothuis, where I learned the basic foundations of representational work.  As I developed these skills I connected with my lifelong mentor Colleen Caubin who took my basic knowledge and nourished me into an artist through exploring the deeper and more subtle layers of the artistic process. 

Today I exhibit my artwork internationally while teaching the foundations of painting online course.  I am a dedicated mentor helping women over 50 reconnect to their creativity, discover their true potential and unleash their power within.