Painting In Words

Is painting in words still useful in today’s world? It’s been a while since I’ve written in a blog. Visual aspects of my life have taken over, for the most part, with painting and daily life. Blogging felt like one of those archaic practices in this rapidly changing tech world. So why bother?

And I suppose it’s a valid question. My YouTube videos seems to do just fine. Something about the quickness of it, at least for the viewer. You can get bits of information quickly and easily. Too much information, in fact. Each video filled and edited with hooks to keep the viewer there long enough to tickle the algorithm.

Writing seems to be as useful as the ancient Greek language in today’s world.

And in the virtual world this is the case for the most part. As the younger generations burst forth into the world, writing in a blog slips away. Yet here I am this fine Saturday morning, content and happy to be here.

Writing is like oil painting. It is a way to create a scene on a canvas. Someone reads the words and will get what they need out of them. The visions they create in their mind’s eye much like the various ways people experience a painting. We may all see a mountain landscape, but we each experience the painting uniquely.

We each experience LIFE uniquely. It can be no other way.

On this fine Saturday, you are reading these words and understanding them based on your personal past experiences of your life. Writing and painting are subjective, and thus vital, to humanity.

And so here I am again after many years writing in a blog. My thoughts, interpretations and experiences of this canvas we call Life.

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